Infield Software offers a variety of services related to software engineering and engineering leadership.

Architecture and Protyping

Infield Software specializes in developing data intensive, web-based SaaS applications with rapidly evolving requirements. When you're still developing your go to market strategy, we provide continous feedback and rapid iteration towards a product that will help you learn about customer behaviors and test your hypothesis.

Burst Capacity

If you're working on extending or refactoring an exisiting product, Infield is happy to join your existing team to add temporary capacity during a major milestone.

Transitional & Fractional Leadership

The current market for engineering talent is challenging for business leaders and founders. Infield Software can provide reliable, cost-effective, low-ego engineering leadership for your team during a period of formation, growth, or transition. Our goal in this role is to leave the team better than we found it, contribute to advancing the product roadmap, and prepare and execute a smooth transition to permanent leadership.

Software Engineer Hiring, Onboarding, & Culture Leadership

Infield has over a decade of hands on experience developing and executing strategic hiring plans for software engineers entering into internship, full time campus, and experienced roles. Outside an engineering led company, your people team may lack expertise and experience in hiring engineers. We're here to help.

  1. We work with you to establish a hiring plan consitent with your budget, values, and goals.
  2. We recommend proven tools that help you provide a superior candidate experience and incorporate them into a well documented process.
  3. We train your team to execute the hiring process and shadow interviews to provide constructive feedback to your interviewing team.
  4. We can help you organize for the arrival of the new team members, establish and execute training plans for them, and get them integrated into your development process.

Want to work with us?

We usually book projects a few months in advance. Reach out via our business inquiry form to schedule time to talk about your needs and ensure that we're a good match.